Environmental Policy Statement

TEC Construction is committed to ensuring that all of our activities and practices place a consideration of the environment at their centre. We recognise the need to comply with all environmental legislation, preventing pollution, and continually assessing the environmental impact of all our activities.

TEC have made a number of important commitments to our environment:

·         Environmental accountability has been assigned within the company at all levels; ultimate responsibility for the environmental responsibility of the company rests with the Managing Director who has signed this policy in acknowledgement of this overall duty.


·         The Company is committed to providing the necessary financial and personnel resources to fulfil the environmental policy.


·         The Company will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and where possible exceed these minimum requirements.

·         The Company is committed to preventing pollution as part of a wider policy of ensuring continuous monitoring and improvement of the environmental impact of its operations. This will involve the development and implementation of a set of environmental objectives, companywide and project specific, within the context of an Environmental Management System.

·         The Company will seek to incorporate environmental factors into decision making processes at all levels, from strategy to operations.

·         The Company will work with supply chains to ensure that materials are from sustainable sources and that sub-contractors are assessed according to their own environmental management policies.

·         On site, The Company will operate recycling, monitor and record fuel usage, measure and review waste disposal quantities and practices and actively manage the use of all resources.

These commitments will be delivered within the context of the following strategic aims:

·         To identify and control the environmental impact of our activities


·         To continuously improve our environmental performance


·         To implement a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets, to achieving these and to demonstrating that they have been achieved.

Through the continuous development and implementation of this policy TEC Construction will meet its moral and legal obligations to the environment.