Cuthbert Mayne Primary School, Torquay

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As part of a strategic investment into modernising and upgrading the school, Cuthbert Mayne was looking to give its main hall a new lease of life. Having reached the end of its use, and as a vital hub of the school, the main hall required extensive renovation, with plans focused on regenerating it as a multi-use, open-plan space.

The school also wanted to use the works as an opportunity to improve its overall energy efficiency, as well as its internal ventilation systems; in order to take advantage of reduced energy requirements.

Leading the works, alongside project architects, TEC undertook a complete structural upgrade of the space, which included replacing the main hall’s roof and ceiling, installing new flooring, and alarms, as well as upgrading all fire doors. We also installed a new, efficient and eco-friendly heating and cooling system; providing students and staff with heated and cooled air throughout the year via cleverly concealed ductwork.

Lighting and electrical systems also played a significant role in the project, with the school wanting to utilise the space for a variety of functions and events. Installing a high efficiency, low-energy, LED colour changing lighting system, both on the ceilings and throughout the main hall area, the interactive lighting has transformed the hall into a vibrant and welcoming space.

Along with carrying out general decoration works, Cuthbert Mayne Primary School can now take advantage of the main hall as a multi-use, modern, communal area. Helping to bring students and staff together and designed around their needs and requirements, the hall now also performs the added function of helping to inspire and motivate students to reach their full potential.