TEC looks to a cleaner, greener construction future

At TEC we are passionate about protecting the surrounding environment, which is why we work with our clients to promote the use of sustainable methods of construction and materials, wherever possible. From utilising the latest in industry eco technologies, to creating new, communal urban green spaces, sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

Our commitment to ‘going green’ extends to our business practices, which is why we not only primarily use digital methods of communication to reduce paper waste, but also ensure our teams are based locally to reduce unnecessary travel times to sites.

The future is green, and as an ISO 14001 company – with a proven track record in setting and adhering to the latest in environmental standards – we are constantly looking for ways to improve our commitment to sustainability while minimising the impact to our planet.

Just some of our other environmental initiatives include only using sustainability sourced timber from responsibly managed resources, as well as recycling and segregating all of our construction waste. All of our materials are also sourced locally, while we procure only what is required to reduce waste across our sites.

We also help our clients achieve their sustainable objectives, with a large proportion of our recent works focused on improving the thermal efficiency and performance of residential and commercial structures – with occupants benefitting from reduced energy requirements, comfortable internal environments and improved ventilation.

Working with key design partners, we have also led the creation of new urban green spaces located in central city areas. Landscaping and extensive planting are just some examples of how we are enhancing the connection between modern spaces and natural resources, while providing communities with accessible green space – which is proven to have a measurable positive impact on both physical and mental health.

Every little helps our planet, and we are proud to be playing a role in building a green construction future – one which puts the environment first.

TEC construction

TEC construction