Lanlivery Primary Academy, Cornwall

Project: Lanlivery Primary Academy, Cornwall

Situated in the heart of a quaint Cornish village, Lanlivery Primary Academy had multiple failing roof coverings – largely a result of an aged roofing system – across a variety of surface a...

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Polperro Primary Academy, Cornwall

Project: Polperro Primary Academy, Cornwall

With a failing roof system and with winter just around the corner, Polperro Primary Academy required a new roof to ensure pupils could return to their studies without any threat from changing weath...

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Cuthbert Mayne Primary School, Torquay

Project: Cuthbert Mayne Primary School, Torquay

As part of a strategic investment into modernising and upgrading the school, Cuthbert Mayne was looking to give its main hall a new lease of life. Having reached the end of its use, and as a vital ...

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Oceansgate, Plymouth

Project: Oceansgate, Plymouth

Covering 35 hectares in Plymouth’s Devonport Dockyard, Oceansgate is the world-class waterfront home of marine based businesses and a thriving hub of research, production and innovation. Its uniq...

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Pool Academy, Cornwall

Project: Pool Academy, Cornwall

Located in Redruth, Cornwall, Pool Academy has helped thousands of secondary students unlock their potential using the power of education, and in recent years has undergone a transformation to sign...

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Mount Tamar School, Plymouth

Project: Mount Tamar School, Plymouth

Catering for pupils aged 4 to 16, who, for a variety of reasons, find it difficult to be successful within mainstream schools, Mount Tamar School specialises in supporting young people with social ...

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TEC construction

TEC construction