Lanlivery Primary Academy, Cornwall

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Situated in the heart of a quaint Cornish village, Lanlivery Primary Academy had multiple failing roof coverings – largely a result of an aged roofing system – across a variety of surface areas. With the threat of water ingress putting the school’s daily activities in jeopardy, the structure urgently required extensive roofing replacement and upgrade works.

Featuring natural slates, as well as asbestos mineral fibre tiles, many of which had slipped or broken over time, the school was also suffering from excessive moss growth and aged lead detailing.

Leading the extensive project, our expert roofing teams removed all failing roof coverings, which included disposing of all hazardous waste safely and securely, off site. Installing a high performing built-up roofing system, replacing all broken and aged slates and tiles, as well as new lead detailing, the new roof covering focused on the use of materials which seamlessly blend in with its historic surroundings.

As well as the extensive roof replacements, the school also benefitted from a complete insulation upgrade, helping to reduce heat loss and improve overall energy efficiency; creating a comfortable internal environment for both students and staff.