Polperro Primary Academy, Cornwall

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With a failing roof system and with winter just around the corner, Polperro Primary Academy required a new roof to ensure pupils could return to their studies without any threat from changing weather conditions.  Leading the works during the summer holidays, and with a tight deadline to complete all project elements, TEC needed to work effectively to ensure not only was the old roof removed safely, but also that none of the building was left open and vulnerable to the unpredictable elements.

Carefully stripping and disposing of all old roofing materials – which included concrete tiles, battens, nails and underfelts – we worked in phases to ensure that the structure was only exposed for brief periods during dry weather, reducing the risk of any project delays or structural damage.

Working across an area of over 900sqm, we built up a new roofing system with the installation of high performing materials. This included the full replacement of the existing concrete tiles with Marley Eternit Wessex Smooth Tiles; with its design not only able to shed water effectively, but also suitable for low pitch roofing areas.

Additional works also included, installation of vent systems to eaves, associated leadworks, installation of lightning protection, and general structural roof repairs. We also cleaned and removed all vegetation and debris from surrounding gutters, ensuring rain water could drain effectively.

Replacing and upgrading the roof in just a matter of weeks, and ensuring all traces of works were removed from site before the start of the new school term, we are extremely proud of our expert roofing team, who worked safely and effectively to ensure the project was completed on programme and without delays.