Plymouth University Campus

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Taking inspiration from the natural world, as well as utilising biophilic design principles, Plymouth University’s campus improvement projects aims to connect key spaces with the creation of engaging walkable routes. With sustainability and longevity key architectural themes of the University’s design, TEC led the creation of the new outdoor spaces, which focused on integrating modern urban areas with natural resources.

Leading the project, from inception to completion, the TEC team undertook all elements of the extensive project, which included carrying out necessary groundworks and steelworks, alongside the installation of new drainage systems and ambient lighting, landscaping and the construction of a new stairwell.

Mirroring the University’s iconic Roland Levinsky building’s copper cladding, a key design feature included the installation of bespoke raised steel planters. Evolving and adapting as it ages – much like a natural material – the metal is already reacting to its surroundings, changing colour and texture in response to exposure to the city’s sea air.

The creation of new green space was also a key project driver, with the steel planters featuring plenty of new plant-life, including shrubs, trees, bushes and flowers. Feather reed grass, Chinese fountain grass, purple coneflower, snowdrops, tulips and daffodils are just some of the plants set to soon fill the heart of the University with blooming natural colour.

Carefully planned to offer the perfect environment for plants to flourish, the new green areas have been designed to soften links between outdoor spaces and buildings at the campus. Newly installed ambient lighting also makes it a focal point in the heart of the city centre, visible day and night, with the spaces providing an open and accessible place for contemplation, recreation or assembly.Plymouth University has long been at the forefront of modern design and innovation, and with the project now nearing completion, it has been a pleasure to lead its creation, with our team turning the vision of these urban green spaces and walkways into a reality. Integrating the natural world with sustainable modern materials, its unique design details are also a credit to  project partners, Aecom and Design Engine.